Classroom Energizers and Ice Breakers

Most of the time, students feel sleepy and tired even it is still the first part of the day, which is why energizers and ice breakers are useful tools to waken up the drowsy feelings of the students. This helps them reactivate their body and get their focus back to the school lessons.

Some teachers and school staff find it unnecessary because physical activities can be distractive. However, classroom ice breakers and energizers will only take 5 minutes of physical activity that totally work! That is why many teachers use this method in their subjects.

Here is a list of an ice breaker and energizer ideas that may be helpful to prevent students from being bored and tired in school:

  • During mornings, you may have a Physical Education teacher, a staff, or a trusted student to lead a morning activity through the school communication device before all classes start.
  • You may conduct a brain teaser in the subject’s last five minutes to lunch. This can improve the kids’ appetite.
  • For a new experience, you may take the kids outside the classroom. Find a comfortable place, and conduct your classes there; but, it’s also better to make use of the environment as props or examples for your lesson.

Having energizers and ice breakers does not only help to reactivate your students, but it also helps you in connecting with them. Through these ideas, children would have added reason to go to school.

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