Transforming Schools, improving futures

Here are the choices that you can make in order to create a better impact on the lives of the children:

Action Schools Guide

You can build a healthier and more physically active school and educational surroundings with Action Schools Guide.

Make an Action to Support Healthier Kids

Be a part of the parents’ campaign in order to contribute to children’s well-being and health.

Look at parent resources

You can obtain knowledge on how you can contribute to the health of your child in his or her school and even at home.

Donate for Healthier Children

You may donate from your heart and provide better opportunities for children to be happier, healthier, and more prepared to obtain learning.


You can be a part of our team for our prevailing fundraiser, or you may even host your own fundraising event.

Be Our Partner!

We have sponsors who help us achieve millions of kids in many schools in the entire nation. We have partnerships with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporations so that each kid would have a better opportunity to be healthier and happier.

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