Playground: A Child’s Temporary Eternal Happiness

A child can see a playground as his perpetual source of happiness, but little did he know that such thoughts of unending joy would slowly fade when he becomes an adult. However, as long as he is still a child, he deserves to have a more inviting kind of playground that is away from tarnishing and rust. Aside from making the playground beautiful, doing some makeover will allow a safer playtime for the kids.

You do not need to spend so much money to beautify a playground, here are tips that you can follow by spending less:

  • You may ask for volunteers within the school community and local entrepreneurs for financial help
  • Also, you may ask a church, non-profit organizations, and other associations if they will provide financial assistance for the playground’s renovation
  • You may visit a local home renovation store or any hardware shop if they would like to donate some supplies and paint. In fact, repainting the playground can already create a huge impact for the makeover.
  • Ensure that the spaces provided in the playground are accessible to all kids, especially the ones who have disabilities.

When a playground appears to be at its worst, do not try to dismantle it and create a new one; instead, teach kids to treasure what they currently have and improve it so that they will know the value of things, that even if those are on the brink of their fall, they would try to work it out.

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