Alternative Punishments to Suppressing Recess

It is important for a child to be active in his studies. Doing so can develop your child’s personal learning, personality, social skills, and being attentive to the subjects. During the times when your kid fails to comply with the homework or acted arrogantly in class, the typical punishments are either suppression of taking a recess and prohibition to attend physical education activities. This could be frustrating for the student. In fact, students like these are the ones who really need physical activities the most. Here are substitute punishments for these type of students:

Healthy Substitutes

A kid needs to be aware of the consequences of behaving badly. However, punishments should ensure that his socio-emotional state remains to be healthy.

  • Educate the school members about how important physical activities and recess are and how they create impacts on a student’s learning.
  • Collaborate with a co-teacher to host a professional development program about effective classroom management methods to evade future problems with a student’s behavior.
  • Instead of applying sanctions that would further frustrate the student, it is better to work with a school principal and social worker to create effective and healthy disciplinary consequences for those who misbehave. These sanctions must teach the students a lesson in a good way.

Always remember that a bad punishment will not justify bad behavior. It is only when a flower is watered with a clean substance and a good amount of sunshine that it blooms at its best.

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