Establish Healthier Schools

Healthy eating routines provide lower chances of getting diseases. It can also enhance one’s emotional health and boosts learning and focus. Other attributes that promote life betterment are also developed by a healthy being. In simple logic, kids would learn healthier habits if we create healthier schools.

Why Do We Need To Do it in Schools?

Children spend mostly about 1,200 hours in their school every year. The school members such as teachers, office staff, volunteers, and other parents are also contributors to information, moral support, and personal shaping up of healthier personalities that develop every kid in their lives and allow them to acquire learning and become progressive.

Our Method

We let teachers and parents collaborate and arm them with methods and techniques that can help them to build kids to become healthier through our outreach strategies and building their awareness.

  • Our Program Managers and State Coordinators work with a school and a parent to distinguish the method to make improvements with a child’s health.
  • We provide effective strategies to encourage kids to participate in physical activities even more and increase their appetite for better eating habits.
  • We also conduct evaluations when it comes to the strengths and weaknesses of a school to identify which parts have to be improved for them to provide a better physical education, quality of food offered in school, and a lot more. Our study will enable a school to find the best solution for the improvements that are needed to be done.