For us, every child has the right to be active in physical wellness, healthy from the food they eat, and learn from the gained knowledge.


Action Schools is a nonprofit association that encourages the school experts, community members, as well as their own respective families to act towards the enhancement of a child’s healthy eating routines and physical wellness and move on to develop schools to become healthier, where all the children flourish.


We believe that the way children grow up is not only through their own perspective, but also on how we treat them as they are. As everything is learned through experience, we aim to give every child a wonderful experience by giving them what they deserve.

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  • Virtual Physical Exercise Resources to Keep Students Going at Home

    According to the CDC, children aged 6 to 17 should do at least 60 minutes of daily physical activities. However, it may be challenging for children who have many use subscription boxes but are always indoors.
    If your children are always indoors, you can engage them in physical exercises by using the virtual PE resources available …

  • How to Approach Schools for Custom Tee Shirt Orders

    As the new school year kicks off, suppliers who make school apparel or t-shirts with their Cricut or Silhouette will consider selling their items to schools. However, the process of securing orders to supply such items to school is sometimes tiresome and discouraging. Therefore, you need to have the essential tips on how you can approach the schools. Here is…

  • Alternative Punishments to Suppressing Recess

    It is important for a child to be active in his studies. Doing so can develop your child’s personal learning, personality, social skills, and being attentive to the subjects. During the times when your kid fails to comply with the homework or acted arrogantly in class, the typical punishments are either suppression of taking a recess and prohibition to attend physical education activities. …

  • Classroom Energizers and Ice Breakers

    Most of the time, students feel sleepy and tired even it is still the first part of the day, which is why energizers and ice breakers are useful tools to waken up the drowsy feelings of the students. This helps them reactivate their body and get their focus back to the school lessons.
    Some teachers and school staff find it unnecessary because physical activities can be distractive. …

  • Playground: A Child’s Temporary Eternal Happiness

    A child can see a playground as his perpetual source of happiness, but little did he know that such thoughts of unending joy would slowly fade when he becomes an adult. However, as long as he is still a child, he deserves to have a more inviting kind of playground that is away from tarnishing and rust. Aside from making the playground beautiful, doing some makeover will allow a safer playtime …