You are the prime influencer of your child’s development

In fact, school is just a 2nd influence. Action School Parenting is launched to serve as a guide for parents, and offer solutions to assist parents and guardians to become successful when it comes to upbringing the health of a student. You may explore our guide by signing up with us to obtain tips and a lot more!

Is your school healthy enough?

Take this quiz in order to identify the health of your school and know how to improve parts that need improvement and how to execute those solutions.

Let change take place

You may improve the school’s wellness by going to this page. Check out how to activate the students’ interest when it comes to physical activities.

Inspire students to eat healthy

You may gain access to healthier activities, tips, and recipes to ensure the child’s wellness in school as well as his eating routines at home.


If you are a parent, never feel intimidated to attend meetings. You should also make time to attend physical activities that your child is involved with for you to ensure his wellness and be aware of how the school runs. If you really want your child to attend a wonderful school, you should connect with your kid and act as a parent. The school members and teachers can only do a few things, and most of the decision is always up to you, even the littlest of the choices that you make create bigger impacts.