The Importance of Water Supply at Schools

Water supply at schools is important but there has been growing distrust in tap water for the last couple of years. This has led to some schools abandoning tap water and turning to expensive water filters and bottled water but critics do not believe that schools need to spend thousands of dollars on providing water to school children.

Tap Water

Many states do not require regular testing of the water being provided at schools. Despite the claims that the water provided is safe, the recent wave of increased water contamination across cities makes people doubt that.

Tap water typically contains varying levels of organic and inorganic minerals and compounds such as sodium, fluoride, calcium, and chloride. These minerals and other compounds can be harmful when consumed in excessive amounts. City guidelines state that water supply should be thoroughly filtered and regulated before releasing into homes and other places in cities and towns.

Despite this, tap water still can still be a concern to the safety and health of those who consume it. With this knowledge, schools have opted to stop providing unfiltered tap water to children. Instead, many have chosen bottled water.

Is Bottled Water the Right Alternative?

student drinks filtered bittle water in school

Bottled water has recently become a norm in many households and schools. This is an unsustainable approach as it is expensive and unfriendly to the environment. It is also a poor choice to opt for bottled water when many brands use a simple filtration process on tap water before packaging and selling at a high cost. There is a better alternative.

Why Should Schools Use Water Filters Instead?

Although they are fairly pricey, water filters are far more cost-effective than bottled water and far safer than tap water. Water filters use filtration techniques to remove harmful chemicals and minerals from tap water. Schools can use different kinds of water filters to purify children’s water.

Bottled water is not environmentally friendly. Besides that, many parents and schools cannot afford to continue buying bottled water. Water filters ensure that the water you feed your children is safe.

Water filters are much better because they don’t merely filter out heavy metals and harmful compounds. They are also extremely cost-effective and last very long. They also remove naturally occurring chemicals, such as hydrogen sulfide, responsible for water with a disagreeable taste or odor. They could be pitchers, pour-through, dispensers, and countertop water filters.

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