1. Each kid has the right to acquire knowledge from a school that makes their wellness and health a top priority.
  2. All the foods served in schools should comply with the nutritional standards for dietary guidelines to ensure the child’s health and wellness.
  3. All students, kids, and teenagers should be able to have an hour of daily physical activity as part of their personal development.
  4. Every kid should be ready to obtain knowledge through academics and also through experiences that exercise their rights. This allows them to learn not only in school but also in real life.

All children must be able to initiate lifetime habits that are needed to ensure their health and grow up to become successful in their lives. To make sure that these will happen, the family, community, and schools must be dedicated to collaborating with each other in order to create a society that molds a child’s entirety.

Every Child Should Be Healthy

Action Schools promote health components that ensure the safety of the students, and our agenda is healthy, challenging, and supports both the physical and mental wellness of the students.