Promotion and Education of Health

Any person might find it difficult to change his unhealthy way of behaving especially if it has been developed at home since childhood. In school, promoting health education is a significant course of action in setting up healthier behaviors that can be brought until the child becomes an adult.

Health promotion that is based in school may vary to the school. These programs may happen either in:

  • formal or informal methods
  • indoor or outdoor
  • before, during, or after classes

The probabilities of applying positive texts that relate to health within a school’s premises are totally perpetual:

  • Can signs or posters that promote healthier eating habits and being physically active be seen around the school?
  • What would you see in a school staff’s office: A bowl of chocolates or a bowl of grapes?
  • Do the students and teachers carry with them a bottled water or a cold soda?
  • Are the school grounds totally safe for all kids?
  • Does a school garden exist?
  • Is there a clean source of drinking water for students?

Here is a list of school-based promotions for health:

  • Physical Education
  • Health Education
  • Practices and Policies that promote health
  • Healthy School Members
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Mental and Social Health Programs

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