Shoes That Make Your Kids Jump Higher: Do They Work?

In 2010, the NBA banned a specific brand of basketball shoes for an unfair jump advantage. This brand, Athletic Propulsion Labs, claimed that their shoes helped wearers attain higher jumps. Many avid basketball players have dreamed of achieving high dunks, like the sports legends Michael Jordan and even Darrell Griffith. In this article, you will discover if shoes are designed for higher jumps and where you might find them.

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Athletic Propulsion Labs’ Miracle Shoes

In 2010, twin shoemakers Adam and Ryan Goldston launched their brand, Athletic Propulsion Labs, to solve the unending quest for higher jumps. This brand promised to release a design unlike any other that would increase players’ jumps significantly. These shoes would give kids an advantage without training or working out. Despite the many doubts surrounding this concept, the brand’s goals still led the NBA to ban players from wearing their shoes.

How Do The Apl Shoes Work?

The forefoot of a pair of basketball shoes is the most vital element in sticking out an impressive vertical jump. Athletic Propulsion Labs focused on this part of their shoes, building them with a booster feature. The forefoot of APL shoes is fitted with a launchpad that captures the energy exerted on it by the athlete’s foot. This launchpad then returns this captured energy like some kind of springboard, thus increasing the jump.

The rest of the shoes are also equally enhanced to aid vertical leaps. The signature “Launch ‘N Load” technology in the forefoot is paired with arches fitted with a high-pressure Thermoplastic Urethane shank. The Thermoplastic Urethane shank aids stability and helps transfer the energy exerted by the athlete back to the forefoot, which determines vertical leaps.

Are There Other Shoes to Aid Jumps?

While the NBA has banned these jump-enhancing shoes, athletes still wonder if other shoes may enhance vertical leaps. The answer is yes. However, these brands, such as Adidas and Nike, typically produce shoes that increase comfort and energy output within fair limits.

Also, jump-training shoes are another category of shoes that could help your kids jump higher. They differ from the APL concept, as they are used to train and practice for higher jumps. They are not designed for playing in actual games and are instead aimed at increasing your leg and feet strength and strengthening your muscles. Jump training shoes mostly come as Strength Shoes and JumpSoles.

Strength Shoes are a type of training sneakers that are designed with a special platform on the front. This platform forces wearers to balance, run, and do vertical leaps on their forefoot, the vital element in making jumps. Strength Shoes encourage you to master the muscles involved in jumping, but the difference is not so significant, and wearers are more prone to injuries.

JumpSoles are not complete shoes. They are strap-on forefoot soles you attach to the front of your shoes. They work similarly to Strength Shoes by raising your forefoot on a platform and forcing you to balance, run, and jump on that part only.

While the idea of shoes that increase your jumps is exciting, it is considered an unfair advantage. The best way to increase your jumps is through hard work and a lot of consistent training.

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