Virtual Physical Exercise Resources

Virtual Physical Exercise Resources to Keep Students Going at Home

According to the CDC, children aged 6 to 17 should do at least 60 minutes of daily physical activities. However, it may be challenging for children who have many use subscription boxes but are always indoors.

If your children are always indoors, you can engage them in physical exercises by using the virtual PE resources available on the internet. Here is a list of the best virtual PE lesson plans, videos, and apps that fit your children as part of STEM education online.

Just Dance

Dancing keeps the body moving. When your children follow these dancing moves available on YouTube, they will have done a great workout. The good thing about Just Dance is that it features all the favorite musical artists.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

There are kids’ yoga workout videos on YouTube that will guide your children in stretching and bending to keep fit. These resources are appropriate for kids who are in elementary school or preschool ages.

The yoga videos will guide your kids in striking poses in outer space, on the farm, or just outside the house. You can stream the videos for your children, and they will enjoy 20 minutes of yoga workouts.

The Body Coach

This YouTube channel has free and easy home workouts for kids and adults. There are tens of 5-8 minutes of fitness videos to help your children exercise at home.

The owner of the channel, Joe Wicks, is planning to start online PE lessons. The lessons will run from Monday to Friday, and they can be beneficial to children of all ages.

Nike Training Club

This is a virtual training app that has short workout guides that are designed by experts from Nike company. They are appropriate for students in middle or high school.

GoNoodle Kids

GoNoodle Kids app has interactive videos that help children move around while raising their mindfulness. Teachers use the app to guide the children in physical exercises because they help them boost their energies.

Gopher Sport

This site offers virtual workout lesson plans and useful blog articles to guide your children in their home workouts. There are well-organized PE lessons for up to three weeks for children of all ages.

Sanford Fit

Sanford Fit has PE lessons, videos, and free brain breaks. These resources will be beneficial to your children while in and out of the classroom.


Moovlee has animated monkey videos of about 4 to 10 minutes. These videos focus on yoga, meditation, and cardio physical exercises. They are fit for children aged 3 to 5.

Kids’ HIIT Workout

This is a YouTube channel that has 30-minutes videos that are perfect for kids. The physical training in this channel combines a series of exercises and short recovery periods. It includes squats and jumping jacks.

Final Thoughts

You can help your children exercise at home by helping them access the virtual PE resources available on the internet. You can consider the above list of workout videos, apps, and lesson plans.

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