Custom Tee Shirt Orders

How to Approach Schools for Custom Tee Shirt Orders

As the new school year kicks off, suppliers who make school apparel or t-shirts with their Cricut or Silhouette will consider selling their items to schools. However, the process of securing orders to supply such items to school is sometimes tiresome and discouraging. Therefore, you need to have the essential tips on how you can approach the schools. Here is a list of 5 tips that you can utilize when approaching the schools to sell your items.

Tips on Approaching Schools For Custom Orders

  • Reaching out using the phone

To work with schools you only need to call the numbers provided to enquire for more information from their offices. Once you are on the phone, introduce yourself first. Then ask about the person you can talk to get more information. You need to be brief and professional.

Then you should try to arrange for meetings with that person so that you show the different designs that you offer. You can come with physical samples or mockup photos that are of high quality. This will help you convince the person that you can deliver quality products for the school.

  • Contact the schools through their social media accounts

Most schools today have an official Instagram or Facebook page. You can reach them using any of their social media accounts.

Reaching out is easy. You need to introduce yourself first and then ask for contacts. You can then use the contact information to reach out to the schools through their office.

It is recommended that you also check out for the PTO/PTA social media accounts. They are usually different from school accounts. If the deal with the school does not succeed, you can approach the PTO/PTA. They can buy it directly from you.

  • Talk to a teacher

You can reach out to a teacher, preferably one of your children’s teachers. The teacher will help you with the contact information of the person you can talk to regarding the school’s procedure of buying apparel.

You can go ahead and give the teacher a free sample t-shirt. When the teacher wears your t-shirt in school, you will get more orders from other teachers. The school administration might also be interested in your products.

  • Take a free sample to the office

You can make a free T-shirt sample and deliver it to the office. It will cost you a small amount of money, but people will get to see your product.

It is recommended that you also prepare a business card that will accompany the sample T-shirt. Simply drop them at the office and request that they are delivered to the head of purchasing in the school.

  • Avoid going for the “top”

There is a likelihood that schools have deals with embroiderers/ printers who supply t-shirts for the school. Therefore, it is recommended that you approach teachers who are in charge of sports, clubs, or groups in the school.

Smaller clubs are disadvantaged due to the limited number of members, and they may not secure supply orders from large wholesalers. Therefore, you can supply your t-shirts to these small groups or clubs rather than the whole school.

Final Thought

If you are a t-shirt printer or embroiderer, you can easily make some money by supplying your products to the schools. However, you need to learn how to approach schools. The above tips will help contact the schools and possibly make a deal to supply your custom t-shirts.

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