Students and School Gardens: Let Them Grow Together

School gardens provide students and adults a more actual learning about healthy food production and the nutrition that they contain. This information can be applied to other subjects like social studies, health, science, and even math. Gardening allows kids to learn about working in the environment. Another important thing is that kids would be willing to make an effort in eating new foods, especially when they personally grew them.

School Garden

This one requires thorough planning, but the results are such fulfilling rewards. Here are a few easy steps to begin:

Build a team

Taking care of a school garden is not a one-man job. You may team up with your school’s health staff and parents to brainstorm a garden concept.

Create a plan

Once everything is planned out for the garden, you may now create a rough draft of the garden plan. Identify the location, the concept of the garden, its appearance, and designs for plant boxes and hanging plant baskets. Also, create a financial estimate for the garden’s budget.

Start your garden

When you are ready, you may now bring students together, either for extracurricular merit or include it in your subject credentials. Let every student have his own garden space where he would take care of his own plant, and he’ll love the fruit of his success in the end.

No matter how small the garden is, as long as you are promoting healthier activity, then it is something to look forward to.

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